Data Recovery & Repair Services For Your Business

Fortress Data Management offers professional hard drive repair and recovery. In the event of a malfunctioning or failed hard drive contact us for a diagnostic evaluation.

Data Backup Services For Your Business

At Fortress Data Management, we partnered with the world’s leading technology provider to deliver the industry’s most advanced data backup solution. Fortress Cloud Backup™ utilizes the latest in block-level backup allowing for the highest speed backups with the lowest bandwidth requirements.

Business & Enterprise Data Backup

Agentless Network Backups
Our enterprise level software package will improve your disaster recovery capabilities without compromising your ability to restore small files. All of this without installing clients on each of your critical servers.

How It Works
First, your data is de-duplicated at the block level. Then, utilizing the latest data compression technology our software will safely and securely shrink the data. Finally the data is encrypted (up to AES 256-bit) before sending it to our Tier-4 data centers — providing high speed data backups with the smallest bandwidth requirements.

With one instance, on a virtual or dedicated computer, your business can remotely, securely back up the entire network’s data via the internet to our private cloud.

  Online Backup Disaster Recovery Business Continuity
Secure and automated block level backup yes yes yes
Global De-duplication of common files using agentless architecture yes yes yes
Local Disk Storage for quick restores yes yes yes
Continuous data protection (CDP) yes yes yes
‘Bare-metal’ recovery of servers to almost any hardware yes yes yes
Emergency Recovery to Fortress Equipment for fastest possible recovery no yes yes
Yearly disaster recovery tests to update recovery procedures no yes yes
Business Continuity Planning with
full Documentation
no yes yes

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